HCI cultivates the art and science of Human Communication


The Human Communication Institute is committed to cultivating the art and science of Human Communication. We specialize in working with people whose success depends on communication clarity. The institute assists you and the organization in personalizing the tools of effective communication that strengthen your productivity and leadership.

Personal & Professional

Clinics on personal and professional development concerning the seven (7) daily communication experiences

Communication Clinics

Communication clinics include vital topics such as Active Listening, Interpersonal Relationship Skills, Nonverbal Communication Awareness and Impact, Public Presentation Skills, Small Group and Team Building Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, Intrapersonal Communication (internal dialogue), and Cross-Cultural Competency

Youth Clinics

Youth clinics and programs under each communication step including our new environmentally conscious program EDEN Voices™ (Environmental Diplomats Encouraging Nature)

Keynote Messages

Keynote and motivational messages which focus on the power of internal communication to effect positive self-change and healthier relationships

Personalized Design

Personalized design of individual, group, and corporate communication training materials


Specialization in Customer Service, Cross-Cultural, Public Presentation, Interpersonal, and Youth Communication Services

Expert Facilitation

Expert facilitation, moderation, and coaching services

Speech Writing

Speech writing, editing, and formatting services

Event Planning

Event planning services