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The Art and Science of Communication:

Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace

The Art & Science of Communication teaches readers how to increase their communication effectiveness.  Perkins uses applicable techniques, analogies and models that creatively and clearly explain the formulas of successful communication. The key is to skillfully control the messages you send and take the guesswork out of the ones you receive.

Conversations About Communication: InWORD OutWORD

Communication eBook
Price: $9.99

Poems from the Green

P. S. Perkins, Former Chair of Poets on the Green Linea D.C. based group, and contributor to poetry chapbook, POEMS FROM THE GREEN
Summer 2023.

77 Best Ways to Communicate
in 7 Steps

Communication eBook
Price: $9.99

Hallelujah Anyhow

Contributing Author P. S. Perkins

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy

Contributing Author P. S. Perkins, “Five Keys to Successful Interpersonal Relationship”

Laws of Communication

Contributing Author P.S. Perkins

 “Organizational Acculturation: Fostering Inclusion in the Green Zone”