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The Art & Science of Communication: Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace teaches readers how to increase their communication effectiveness.  Perkins uses applicable techniques, analogies and models that creatively and clearly explain the formulas of successful communication. The key is to skillfully control the messages you send and take the guesswork out of the ones you receive.

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Looking Out Looking In Bookcover

P.S. Perkins is a featured contributor in the internationally renowned Interpersonal Communication textbook, LOOKING OUT LOOKING IN, 16e, 2023.

Learn how to master and apply strong communication principles in both your personal relationships and on the job with Adler/Proctor/Manning’s popular textbook and guide. Decades of research, practical application continue to make this text one of the most highly regarded books on Interpersonal dynamics available to ALL audiences – personal, social, and professional.

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30 Day to Success Bookcover

Human Communication starts within the mind of a person desiring to share a specific thought which comes from an amalgamation of thoughts, words, and experiences that have created the individual’s personal reality – their mental residue. It is this residue that shapes perspective, personality, worldview. As you think, so you are. It is a mental science turned into verbal and nonverbal behavior. It can be changed.

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Poems from the Green Bookcover

P. S. Perkins, Former Chair of Poets on the Green Line a D.C. based group, and contributor to poetry chapbook,

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P.S. Perkins is a major contributor to this poignant, honest, critical “Community Memoir”! Check it out!

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Public Health Liberation

P.S. Perkins, Board Consultant for Public Health Liberation,is a contributing member of the Public Liberation Information HUB:
White Paper, Contributor: An Emerging Transdiscipline To Elucidate and Transform the Public Health Economy, 2022
Author: Public Health Crisis Enemy #1: Communication Dysfunction, 2023
Author: Cross-Cultural Communication Competency Health Care Providers Tools Kit, 2023
Poetic Video Contribution: When a House is not a Home

Join the Smoking Cessation work of AMPLIFY and their work in communities plagued by smoking illnesses, deaths, and generational addiction. P.S. Perkins contributes insight into how Language Legacy (generational communication) perpetuates behavioral habits that create dysfunction within our families and communities. P.S. has also joined the AMPLIFY Breaking Free team as Editor of the new Communication Health Corner released in the June edition! Send in YOUR questions!

Language and Media Discourses

The Power Is Now Real Estate e-Magazine
“Featured Contributor” February 2016

P.S. Perkins articles on Organizational/
Small Business/Gender Communication 

Radio and Television


New “INFORMERCIAL” communication skills series! For institutions, classrooms, families, communities seeking clear and impactful tools for effective communication!

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Conversations About Communication University of the District of Columbia TV

Couple Communication that Reconciles

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Communication Lecturer Spotlight: Prince George’s Community College

Community Policing: Behavioral Communication is the Key to Relationships

P. S. Perkins, Human Communication Institute and University of the District of Columbia

HEALTH MATTERS with Dr. Connie Webster

Dr. Connie Webster interviews Behavioral Communication Specialist P.S. Perkins

University of the District of Columbia TV: FORUM

Three Part Series on “Language Legacy”

Humanitini Forums Celebrating 225 years of the District of Columbia – Humanities DC Facilitator

Recent Web/TV/Podcast Interviews


“P.S. Perkins serves as the Communication Health Column editor and article contributor of BREAKING FREE FROM NICOTINE monthly e-zine, an informational and support publication for those serving in tobacco-related programs in the Los Angeles area. I have personally found new information I could apply to my own communication methods--tobacco-related and otherwise. Her expertise is broad and I am grateful that she is part of our BREAKING FREE FROM NICOTINE team!”
Sherise L. Shields
“I saw you presenting in Banff Institute in Canada last year, it was a part of Leadership Exploratorium. I just loved your presentation; there was so much to think of, to inspire from, very entertaining as well. So is your book - The Art and Science of Communication. I took inspiration from your words and your book and observe people in various situations trying to figure out where the problem is, how to fix it. - Marie, Czech Republic ”
Czech Republic
“HCI TESTIMONIALS I just finished reading your book "The Art and Science of Communication: Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace" and I found it a very enjoyable and effective read. Your 7 step model filled with analogies and quotes is now in my conscious and working to help me choose my words for my life script. I hope that you have found this book a worthwhile endeavor and that you use your writing talent to continue to share your expertise.”
Jeff Stone
Kamloops, British Columbia