…the ability to speak confidently and competently in front of an audience




The ability to present professionally and competently when expressing ideas is a skill of mastery that many individuals envy. Most sit on the sidelines watching others communicate themselves to the top of professional and social success. Communicating professionally is a learned art. The ability to do so increases any individual’s chances of personal and professional fulfillment. HCI Professionals can walk you up the ladder of Public Presentation success.



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This series provides on-site training for potential and new hires necessitating Verbal and Nonverbal communication skills appropriate to workplace environments. The ability of individual members of the organization to offer input and “constructive voice” is vital to a work environment where its members feel valued and as a result, offer value. Public Speaking IS a science, not just an art!

  • Moderation – Panels, Symposiums, Guest Speakers
  • MC, Mistress of Ceremonies
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Robert’s Rules of Order Trainer

Introduces the Communication Staircase Model™ as a comprehensive training program designed to address communication as the most important instrument of organizational leadership. The communication climate of any institution embodies a minimum of seven (7) distinct communication settings. These settings are the context in which all workplace communication experiences take place. Each communication setting offers a vital and unique contribution to the organizational culture and its bottom-line effectiveness. It is important that the effectual executive become knowledgeable of these key communication settings and how they function interdependently. Each communication arena affects every member and every characteristic of the organization. The Leadership IS Communication series provides invaluable training for Leaders and any member of mid-level to Senior Management.

Offer participants the opportunity to examine, reflect AND alter communication patterns that support or damage personal, social, and professional desires to self-actualize! These consultations focus strictly on how communication is THE MOST IMPORTANT key to an individual’s success in ALL areas of life. It introduces the SCIENCE of communication as well as the ART of speech and the understanding of how EVERYONE is participating in their life-scape whether they know it or not! FIND OUT and achieve the DREAM!

Most organizational environments have a preferred standard of oral communication ability and usage within their context. This clinic is an orientation to understand the difference between personal/social dialect and the business dialect of the office. It also explores the issue of bilingualism in the workplace.

Learn the keys to effective and transformative Public Speaking. From confidence building to clarity of speech to physical impression, we explore the skills that make public speakers successful.

This Public Presentation Communication clinic is a discussion workshop designed to let participants “Speak Out” about their relationship issues and perspectives. The clinic is designed to empower participants with the ability to express their concerns in a confident, self-asserting manner. Participants are introduced to the skills of public presentation both verbally and nonverbally, thus increasing their self-esteem and the ability to feel better about themselves in arenas that require they assert themselves. Impacts the classroom to the board room! When we build confidence about our ability to express ourselves, we make better choices about who we communicate with and how we communicate with them.

This workshop designed to teach youth verbal and nonverbal behavior patterns appropriate to academic, social, and professional environments. From classroom decorum, to appropriate verbal volume, to restaurant appropriateness, to professional dress and other skills needed for academic, social and professional success.

The Keys to Effective Impromptu Speaking – Mini-clinic on impromptu speaking and how to be ready! Includes tips on all forms of special occasion speeches.

HCI Consultants are trained Speech writers and can give you the results you desire. Whether it is personal coaching, writing and/or editing a speech, we can assist your public presentation needs.

Learn how to recognize the role Emotional Contagion plays in all Human Communication exchange, and the need to mitigate the power of Emotional Transference™! This tool is vital to understanding and creating a positive/productive Communication Climate at home, work and play!

Environmental Diplomats Encouraging Nature ™: The E.D.E.N. Project exposes youth to a mentoring network of Environmental and Energy Saving Professionals conscious of the need for innovative solutions that utilize the tools of communication through active participation and cooperation with inter-generational solutions to living in global harmony with others and nature. The Public Presentation Step provides vital skills in the areas of public speaking, confidence building, interviewing and leadership communication – integral parts of Environmental Diplomats Leadership Program, Environmental Service Projects, Career Academy and the Earth Talk Oratory program.

The Winning Speech: Personal coaching on creating the winning speech!

Communicate Your Way to Success: The keys to effective and transformative communication skills at home, school and social settings. Learn how to engage others in the art of conversation. Great small group experience.