…the process of communicating with self; thinking, daydreaming, creating.
…directly relating to self-perception, self-esteem.


The Human Communication Institute offers personal coaching, workshops and seminars building the first step of the Communication Staircase, Intrapersonal Communication. The offerings of this program are designed to help the participant understand the powerful influence of self-talk and its direct connection to ALL other communication experiences. The smart manager understands the inside-out progression of social and professional communication success.



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This series provides on-site training for potential and new hires necessitating Verbal and Nonverbal communication skills appropriate to workplace environments. All patterns of Communication come from within an individual’s perspective of the world around them, this includes patterns of expression verbally and nonverbally. An understanding of these “mental” patterns, may help individuals adjust their verbal and nonverbal behaviors appropriate to the work environment.

Learn to support the transformation of self (first), family, organization, team, and advocates to a mindset that inspires personal responsibility and collective support of each contributing member and the mission. Why? When you lead a team inspired to bring their individual best for the collective good because you have, how not?

There is nothing more powerful than starring in your own movie. Harness your thoughts and words into the daily life you want to live!

This workshop examines the direct correlation between effective and transformative communication skills and leadership. Examines the characteristics of great leadership through the process of personal communication awareness and habits.

Introduces the Communication Staircase Model™ as a comprehensive training program designed to address communication as the most important instrument of organizational leadership. The communication climate of any institution embodies a minimum of seven (7) distinct communication settings. These settings are the context in which all workplace communication experiences take place. Each communication setting offers a vital and unique contribution to the organizational culture and its bottom-line effectiveness. It is important that the effectual executive become knowledgeable of these key communication settings and how they function interdependently. Each communication arena affects every member and every characteristic of the organization. The Leadership IS Communication series provides invaluable training for Leaders and any member of mid-level to Senior Management.

Offer participants the opportunity to examine, reflect AND alter communication patterns that support or damage personal, social, and professional desires to self-actualize! These consultations focus strictly on how communication is THE MOST IMPORTANT key to an individual’s success in ALL areas of life. It introduces the SCIENCE of communication as well as the ART of speech and the understanding of how EVERYONE is participating in their life-scape whether they know it or not! FIND OUT and achieve the DREAM!

Where are you headed? What happened to the big dream? How do you find contentment and success at the point where you are? How your communication plays a direct role in whether dreams come true!

Re-entering into personal and community life after incarceration or chronic homelessness is a difficult process to navigate. Because of its multifarious nature, it is impossible to address all the needs of the repatriate in most re-entry programs. One major aspect of re-entry is being able to successfully (as possible) navigate the complex communication situations that will arise on a daily basis. Family, community, old acquaintances, job needs and expectations, personal development: communication is paramount to coping with the stressors these experiences bring.

KNOW All You Can Be! – What has he got that you haven’t got? Courage! Learn the secrets of bolstering your self-esteem and confidence!

This Intrapersonal Communication clinic takes an in-depth look at the development of self-esteem and self-worth through examining the communication environment in which an individual is nurtured. It helps participants understand the caustic connection between their communication environment and how they see themselves. The clinic is designed to create critical awareness of personal choices and how we live our lives daily in thought, word and deed.

This workshop designed to teach youth verbal and nonverbal behavior patterns appropriate to academic, social, and professional environments. From classroom decorum, to appropriate verbal volume, to restaurant appropriateness, to professional dress and other skills needed for academic, social and professional success.

Join us as we put together the professional package from head-to-toe. This is a fun, interactive workshop on the do’s and don’ts of office and corporate protocol, from the verbal to the nonverbal.

It’s time to move from Motivation to Human Communication. You need a powerful thought and word connection to your goals. You and your team need: clear and open communication channels; a productive, pleasant and respectful communication climate, and an organizational culture that reflects the attitudes, values and goals of the company visionaries. Only effective communication can accomplish these goals and the communication begins with you, within you. You take You wherever You go! Experience, learn and apply the tools of Intrapersonal Communication and its impact on every area of your personal and professional goals. Clinic is available through individual and group training sessions.

What is your communication identity? When people see you coming, what is the usual reaction you invoke? This workshop offers an enlightening journey into the looking glass to help you recognize and refine your communication quotient.

Learn how to recognize the role Emotional Contagion plays in all Human Communication exchange, and the need to mitigate the power of Emotional Transference™! This tool is vital to understanding and creating a positive/productive Communication Climate at home, work and play!

Environmental Diplomats Encouraging Nature ™ – The E.D.E.N. Project exposes youth to a mentoring network of Environmental and Energy Saving Professionals conscious of the need for innovative solutions that utilize the tools of communication through active participation and cooperation with intergenerational solutions to living in global harmony with others and nature. The Intrapersonal step prides participants with training and discussion which center on “self-talk” and its relationship to areas of personal, social and professional success – integral parts of the E.D.E.N. Learning Tree and E.D.E.N. Career Academy.

  • The Total You Three-step Program: Self-Esteem, Social-Esteem, Physical-Esteem
  • How To Be truly popular!
  • Life Mapping: Dream Your Biggest Dream
  • Individual Communication Counseling and Coaching
  • Private Self-Image Counseling