…dyadic communication where at least one member is attributing
meaning to the behavior of the other.
…the exchange of messages between two people.




The Human Communication Institute offers relationship coaching and training building the third step of the Communication Staircase, Interpersonal Communication. This step empowers trainees with an in-depth understanding of the ingredients of effective and transformative Interpersonal skills including the ability to resolve conflicts within personal and professional relationships. Supportive communication, active listening and conflict management skills are developed within this communication arena.



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The Art of Skillful Negotiation and Conflict Management – Conflict is normal and at times necessary. HOW one engages in conflict and successful negotiation is a matter of communication skill. Learn supportive communication skills for interpersonal contexts.

Civic Leaders, Peace Officers, Community Activist, Community Members will gain valuable knowledge of communication as both an art and science by learning how to communicate effectively within the sensitive arena of civic engagement. Effective engagement means to first understand the complexities of Human Communication and then confidently and effectively communicate their ideas, manage impressions and productively move towards mutually beneficial goals.

This series provides on-site training for potential and new hires necessitating Verbal and Nonverbal communication skills appropriate to workplace environments. The Dyadic communication process in the workplace is vital to a smooth-running organization. The ability to effectively communicate with “other” requires a working knowledge of HOW communication works and the tools to do so effectively. Talking IS NOT Communicating and Hearing IS NOT Listening.

As you move from your INTRAPERSONAL mind-set, remember “You take You wherever You go!”

Are you ready to bring someone else’s “internal and external noise” into the you, YOU are?

Let’s find out at our Couples Communication Clinic.

We ask the REAL important questions that ONLY the two of you can answer!

There is nothing more powerful than starring in your own movie. Harness your thoughts and words into the daily life you want to live!

Learn the important and direct connection between critical thinking skills and effective and transformative listening skills.

The climate of an organization depends on the relationship between the individuals that make up the organization. What are the interpersonal dynamics within the work environment? Manager to Manager, Manager to Employee, Co-worker to Co-worker, Employee to Client; learn the art and science of interpersonal communication within the work environment.

Available for individuals and couples seeking to improve their relationships through understanding the vital role communication plays in creating lasting, loving relationships. Examination of the roles self-disclosure and empathetic listening play in creating lasting relationships.

Introduces the Communication Staircase Model™ as a comprehensive training program designed to address communication as the most important instrument of organizational leadership. The communication climate of any institution embodies a minimum of seven (7) distinct communication settings. These settings are the context in which all workplace communication experiences take place. Each communication setting offers a vital and unique contribution to the organizational culture and its bottom-line effectiveness. It is important that the effectual executive become knowledgeable of these key communication settings and how they function interdependently. Each communication arena affects every member and every characteristic of the organization. The Leadership IS Communication series provides invaluable training for Leaders and any member of mid-level to Senior Management.

Offer participants the opportunity to examine, reflect AND alter communication patterns that support or damage personal, social, and professional desires to self-actualize! These consultations focus strictly on how communication is THE MOST IMPORTANT key to an individual’s success in ALL areas of life. It introduces the SCIENCE of communication as well as the ART of speech and the understanding of how EVERYONE is participating in their life-scape whether they know it or not! FIND OUT and achieve the DREAM!

This workshop is designed to help organizational members learn the skill of active listen from a “global perspective” to recognize diverse voices and concerns within the organization while supporting the organizational mission and create a productive communication climate.

Re-entering into personal and community life after incarceration or chronic homelessness is a difficult process to navigate. Because of its multifarious nature, it is impossible to address all the needs of the repatriate in most re-entry programs. One major aspect of re-entry is being able to successfully (as possible) navigate the complex communication situations that will arise on a daily basis. Family, community, old acquaintances, job needs and expectations, personal development: communication is paramount to coping with the stressors these experiences bring.

This Interpersonal Communication clinic takes an in-depth look at the role self-esteem and self-worth play in the relationship choices we make. From our family communication, we develop an awareness of self and our relationship with potential partners. Our formative years set the stage for how we treat others and allow others to treat us. This clinic goes further to address the how to engage in effective and transformative communication patterns enabling us to make better choices and heal relationships.

This workshop designed to teach youth verbal and nonverbal behavior patterns appropriate to academic, social, and professional environments. From classroom decorum, to appropriate verbal volume, to restaurant appropriateness, to professional dress and other skills needed for academic, social and professional success.

Learn the basics of skillful conversation. A fun interactive workshop that looks at the fears associated with socializing and small-talk.

Dyadic communication (between two) takes the ability to move beyond the self and engage in communication processes that take in consideration the other’s perspective. Learn the formulas of effective and transformative interpersonal exchange.

Learn how to recognize the role Emotional Contagion plays in all Human Communication exchange, and the need to mitigate the power of Emotional Transference™! This tool is vital to understanding and creating a positive/productive Communication Climate at home, work and play!

Environmental Diplomats Encouraging Nature™: The E.D.E.N. Project exposes youth to a mentoring network of Environmental and Energy Saving Professionals conscious of the need for innovative solutions that utilize the tools of communication through active participation and cooperation with inter-generational solutions to living in global harmony with others and nature. The Interpersonal Step provides important tools for dealing with peer pressure, conflict, critical thinking and other skills associated with effectively communicating concerns and solutions– integral to the E.D.E.N. Learning Tree and Career Academy.

  • Being Your Own Person: Overcoming Peer Pressure and Influences
  • Understanding Popularity: The Art of Conversation
  • Oratorical Coaching
  • How to Resolve Interpersonal Conflict: The Word is Mightier than the Bully!
  • How to Share Your Concerns With Parents