The Communication Staircase


Allow the Human Communication Institute to walk with you and your staff up the ladder of communication success one step at a time! Climb the Staircase!


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Produced by Soheil Shaghaghi



How do we define Communication?


Communication happens whenever meaning is assigned to behavior or the residue of behaviors.


We understand the truth behind the saying "actions speak louder than words". Actually, our actions are our words. You will always pay more attention to what you see than what you hear. But few stop to think that every action (behavior) they display or witness is a direct result of a thought.


First comes the thought, then the thought becomes a word, then the word becomes a thing -an action.


It is a falsehood to believe that our thoughts, words and actions are separate. Whenever we engage in communication we assign meaning to people's actions or the memory of past actions (residue), the same way others assign meaning to our behavior. So, it is important to understand that the root of ALL behavior is the mind and the words that spring forth from it.


Thought + words + feelings = actions = LIFE!


Here is where the art AND science of communication meet. You are the artist using a formula to create your creation --YOUR LIFE! From the internal processes we foster relationships, build family, create careers and all of these settings require effective communication to achieve harmony and success.