Pamela “P.S.” Perkins, Founder, CEO, COO

Behavioral Communication Specialist

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Specializing in “Transformative” and Professional Communication Services, P.S. Perkins understands, relates and shares the art and science of Human Communication like no other practitioner in her field! Combining 30 years of specialized education, teaching, creating and applying the field of effective communication practices, the Human Communication Institute provides the best in communication skill development for personal, social and professional accomplishment.


Pamela S. Perkins, M.A. is an alumnus of UNC-Chapel Hill, New York University and currently working towards her Ph.D. with an emphasis on Organizational Communication. Through her genius of "Word Power" and program innovation, she has developed the trademark Communication Staircase Model™ into clinics, workshops and presentations that have enriched the lives of thousands empowering their understanding of Communication as an art and a science. P.S. is the author of the highly acclaimed business self-help book, The Art and Science of Communication: Tools for Effective Communication in the Workplace, released in 2008 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., as well as a contributing author to the books Laws of Communication, Wiley Publishers, 2009, Wake Up Women, 2009 and the e-book 77 Best Ways to Communicate in 7 Steps. Her highly anticipated book on self-esteem & self-worth for young girls, Stories From the Mirror, is due for release later this year. She is a frequent radio/talk show communication expert, as well as a sought after motivational speaker!


One of her favorite sayings is:"Be true to your word and it will be true to you!" as she says “and that’s my WORD!”


Colleen V.A. Bent, MSIT, Web Developer

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Colleen Bent’s love of technology is different from most other IT professionals. Her passion lies not simply with technology itself, but with using technology to help individuals and organizations fulfill their missions, goals, and potential. Years of working for top companies have equipped her with excellent soft skills (project management, team player, information sharing, and communications). She advised and guided a number of smaller companies into IT "readiness.” One former client observed, “Colleen has a unique ability to understand the perspective of the non-technical user and empathize with end users.”


Her desire to incorporate the most effective computer technologies prompted her recent effort to complete a four-month intensive coding boot camp in web/software development. In 2015, Colleen obtained a Master of Science in Information Technology from Purdue University and graduated summa cum laude.

Her core values include spiritual growth, creativity, excellence, and integrity.

Colleen Bent

Rodney T. Parks, BS, MSM, Assitant Chief of Police (Retired)

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Rodney Parks is a former Assistant Chief of Police with the Metropolitan Police Department. He retired in 2013, after thirty-one years in law enforcement and serving numerous operational, investigative and programmatic units of the Department. He served as Assistant Chief of the Metropolitan Transit Police and interim Assistant Director of the Medstar Washington Hospital Center Security. He has led numerous projects to analyze and improve law enforcement operations and performance.


Mr. Parks currently works as an adjunct professor with Penn State Public Safety & justice Institute, University of the District of Columbia and instructor with the BenchMark Professional Seminar Company. Mr. Parks has serves as Academic Director for the Georgetown Forensic Institute Summer Camp and Summer Discovery Program for middle and high school students. His law enforcement career includes assignments in patrol, traffic, disciplinary unit, training academy, homicide branch lieutenant and commander, commander of criminal investigations and assistant chief of professional responsibility. Mr. Parks has Bachelors and Master’s degree in Management from the Johns Hopkins University.


Rodney Parks

Wallstreet Jones, Performance Coach & Business Consultant @ Life Changing Conversations LLC

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Wallstreet Jones is a performance coach and business consultant who helps aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders of all sorts develop a sharper focus on the outputs that matter to achieve consistent, successful results. Drawing on almost 20 years of experience as a practical innovator with a background in strategic project management — and supported by a life long study of language, motivation, and productivity patterns — Wallstreet has gained a thorough understanding of the way people really work (rather than how they think they work). Instead of providing the right answer to the adaptive challenges we all face, he helps reshape people’s perception of the problem, and thus the potential solutions. Because today‘s problems are complex and require collaboration, Wallstreet believes the most valuable resource at our disposal is communication. His tools come together in the synergy of conversation, highlighting what is essential and what is at stake, because every conversation has the potential to change lives. He currently lives in Washington, DC with his wife and 3 kids and he enjoys hiking in Great Falls National Park.


“Wealth is not what we acquire, it’s what we demonstrate. It can never be found outside unless it is first found within.” — WSJones

Wallstreet Jones