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The Art and Science of Communication: Tools for Effective and Transformative Communication in the Workplace


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The Art & Science of Communication teaches readers how to increase their communication effectiveness.  Perkins uses applicable techniques, analogies and models that creatively and clearly explain the formulas of successful communication. The key is to skillfully control the messages you send and take the guesswork out of the ones you receive.  Go to shop


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Conversations About Communication
PS Perkins, Host/Producer - University of the District of Columbia TV

Hci LinkCommunicating Feminine Beauty Through the Lens of History

Hci LinkThe Impact of Family and Community Dysfunction on Student Success

Hci LinkConversations About Communication: UDC Artist Collective

Hci LinkConversations About Communication: The Message in the Music

Hci LinkConversations About Communication: Healing Power of Words

Hci LinkSpeaking Life Into the Genius of Your Children: Understanding How Communication Helps Determine Your Child’s Life Potential

Hci LinkLanguage Legacy: The Next Phase of The Human Genome Project – Epigenetics

Hci LinkCommunication and the Arts Building Bridges: Part I – Mosaic Theater

Hci LinkCommunication and the Arts Building Bridges: Part 2 – Poetry Foundation Split this Rock

Hci LinkFamily Communication – Understanding Language Legacy

Hci LinkCouples Communication that Reconciles

Hci LinkIntra-racial Relationships between members of the African Diaspora in America

Hci LinkHumanitiesDC Mission to Advance the Humanities in the Culture of DC

University of the District of Columbia TV: FORUM

Three Part Series on "Language Legacy"

Hci LinkEpisode 1

Hci LinkEpisode 2

Hci LinkEpisode 3

Humanitini Forums Celebrating 225 years of the District of Columbia – HumanitiesDC Facilitator

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Hci LinkThe Modern DC Woman

Hci LinkWhose the Boss? Boss Shephard.


Hci LinkAmazon page





Hci Link  Dear PS Blog



Hci LinkAudio Drama: Seasons, Featuring P. Shekinah Perkins as Denise

Hci LinkBoxing for Success, Host, Ricky Young

Hci LinkSmall Business Advocate, author Pamela Perkins

Hci LinkLecture: Communication Staircase Model

Hci LinkKPBS “Gender Communication”, “These Days”, Host, Duane Brown



Hci LinkWould You Rather Work Alone – National Diversity Council Newsletter

Hci LinkHillrag – Poetry (pg. 160) -4271678

The Power Is Now Real Estate e-Magazine “Featured Contributor”

Hci LinkFebruary 2016

Hci LinkSept-Oct 2014 (pg. 40)

Hci LinkArticles on Organizational/Small Business Communication

Hci LinkThe Small Business Advocate, “Are You an Extra in Your Own Movie”

Hci LinkGender Communication

Hci LinkVoices of Women Tribute



Hci LinkCTAAS - Communication Technology Arts And Science

Hci LinkXQ Project Featured Video, Washington, D.C.

Hci LinkFilm Interviews, Pass It On!


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